Discon Law Firm is a personal injury firm that provides Plaintiffs with high quality and responsive legal services with a special emphasis on trial litigation practice in Maritime Law. In addition, our firm also handles non-maritime personal injury claims, such as auto accident claims, Workers’ Compensation claims, and Longshore claims. Discon Law Firm is made up of two generations of attorneys whose mission is to help you with your personal injury claim by providing individualized and personal attention. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the law, as well as civil trial experience in Louisiana and across the United States.


If you have been involved in any accident, whether maritime or non-maritime in nature, and you have a question concerning what you should do to protect yourself and your family, be smart and call me immediately for confidential, free, protective and worthwhile advice with no strings attached. Remember that the shipowner and/or your employer will protect their interests by consulting with a defense attorney. Why should you not do the same with an experienced personal injury plaintiff trial attorney?

Please call me, Thomas Discon, esq., at 985-674-9748 for a free consultation.